February 10th 2012

Duckies! 003

Egg-celent! Egg-stravagant! Egg-…tastic?
Oh, forget it, let’s just go shopping.

February 10th 2012?
(Featuring a “lost” episode, mistakenly uploaded to post in 2013 by DJ Really Sloppy, instead of 2012, like it should have.)

Wow.  Time flies when you’re having fun. Nearly a year ago, DJ Really Sloppy and I did a fantastic pair of Soul Shows back to back, and in doing so, created some fantastic radio.  In that time, a lot has changed: I left the studio I’d been with for years to venture off on my own, and DJ Really Sloppy became unstuck in time, appearing randomly on the show in a variety of capacities.  But this time, something rather unusual happened: a show he recorded a full year ago was (finally) uploaded to the server a full year later.

DJ Really Sloppy says that he called me a year ago, immediately after he recorded this show.  But I only received that call when I went on the air to do a show today.  Regardless, you get to reap the radio benefits, in the form of a fantastic show by Mr. Sloppy himself.  I’ll leave you with some words from the DJ’s mouth:

This is strange.  I had called DJ Austin Rich after I finished this show last year to see about getting it posted on the Blasphuphmus blog, which I only vaguely remember.  At the time I thought he was acting kind of weird.  But when I checked in with him today, he said I’d actually just a short while ago interrupted the show he was going to do that day.  Whatever, here’s some songs from a year ago.

And, wow, what a horrible choice for a random quote right after Gilly Hanner’s song about getting the crap kicked out of her by the cops at the Satyricon riot.  I wasn’t even paying attention.  Obviously.

p.s.  Since DJ Austin didn’t really have much in the way of songs on the “egg theme”, leave your suggestions in the comment area and maybe he can give it a try again later.  Say, for Easter?

– DJ Really Sloppy


Eggs * Andrew Liles & Daniel Menche * The Progeny of Flies * Beta-latam Ring Records

And, from the original post:

Here’s the playlist for the February 10, 2012 broadcast:

1 R&B Transmogrification Quasi R&B Transmogrification Up Records
2 Glass Tambourine Wild Flag Wild Flag Merge Records
“I don’t know!” Invader Zim
3 Dial School of Seven Bells Disconnect from Desire Vagrant Records/Ghostly International
4 Red Guitar David Sylvian Brilliant Trees Virgin Records LTD.
5 Karma Police Radiohead OK Computer Capitol
6 Psyché rock Pierre Henry and Michel Colombier Pop a Paris – More Rock N’ Roll and Mini Skirts Vol.2 Sunnyside
7 Awfully Managed Pigeons Procedure Club Doomed Forever Slumberland
8 Straight A’s Sleigh Bells Treats Mom + Pop Music
9 My Spit Calamity Jane Martha Jane Cannary jealousbutcher.com
“I’m crushing your head!” Kids in the Hall
10 Holidays In The Sun Sex Pistols Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols Warner Bros. Records Inc.
11 Fire Jimi Hendrix Experience Hendrix: The Best Of Jimi Hendrix M.C.A.
12 Don’t Listen to the Radio (Instrumental) The Vines Don’t Listen to the Radio CD single (Australian import) Capitol
13 Don’t Listen to the Radio The Vines Vision Valley Capitol
“Find a little action” Beetlejuice
14 I Gotta Feelin (Just Nineteen) Eagles Of Death Metal Death By Sexy Downtown
15 I Just Wanna Get Along The Breeders Last Splash Sire Records
16 Stupid Girl Garbage Garbage Almo Sounds
17 Stars Aligned Summer Twins Summer Twins Burger Records


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