Vinyl Solution Part VIII: A Treasury Of Incredible Records


Vinyl Solution Part VIII

Vinyl Solution Part VIII

Vinyl Solution Part VIII: A Treasury Of Incredible Records
(Featuring various selections for my record collection, in celebration of finally getting turntables in the Lava Lamp Lounge.)

There are two things that I have been missing ever since I took Blasphuphmus Radio into a podcast-only format: live bands and playing records.  No matter how much I tried, getting my studio up to the same level of the studio at KPSU was quite difficult, and I struggled and rebelled against these limitations as best I could, featuring live recordings made in a band’s practice space, and making due with digital audio sources.  However, both of these problems are now resolved, since we’ll be hosting live bands at local venues, AND since my amazing girlfriend was kind enough to get my a fantastic turntable to put vinyl back on the menu.  I now present to you: Vinyl Solution Part VIII!

I’ve always thought of this show as a mixed-media format, in that I tend to draw audio from a wide range of audio sources.  But there is something about playing all records – actual plastic records – that makes a radio program seem that much more alive.  I’ve been so excited about my new ability to listen to music that I’ve been re-discovering all sorts of gems and whatnot from my collection, so today’s show is virtually themeless, with the soul purpose of playing bits and selections from my random – and in my opinion, wonderful – collection.

I come from a long line of record collectors, and as a kid working in my mom’s record store, I could never predict that I would end up here, doing this show.  However, I’m really proud to be able to continue this tradition, and as I add more and more oddities to the Blasphuphmus Radio archive, you, as the listener, obviously reap the benefits.  Aside from the voice overs and commercials, everything in this show is from one of the records photographed above.  I would expect the next several shows to be of this same variety, so stay tuned!

And: enjoy!

A Treasury Of Incredible Records

Part I: You Never Know Which Way To Go
01.) Flipper Twist * Flipper * “Flipper Twist” b/w “Fucked Up”
02.) Le Morte d’Arthur by Thomas Malory, 1485 [Excerpts] * The Cambridge Treasure of English Prose * Caedmon Records
03.) Amateur Hour * Sparks * Kimono My House
04.) Definitely Clean * The Dream Syndicate * The Days Of Wine & Roses
05.) Pretty Please Me * The Dickies * Stukas Over Disneyland

Part II: Out Of Focus
06.) Miserific Condition * Unwound * Caterpillar EP
07.) Le Morte d’Arthur by Thomas Malory, 1485 [Excerpts II] * The Cambridge Treasure of English Prose * Caedmon Records
08.) Out Of Focus * Blue Cheer * Vincebus Eruptum
09.) Lift Up Your Hood * DMZ * Relics
10.) Metal * Gary Numan * “Cars” b/w “Metal”
11.) Dr. Art * Nina Hagen * Nunsexmonkrock
12.) Bullet Shell Underbite * Sleep Capsule * Sleep Capsule EP
13.) Question And Answer Session * The Miss * “Question & Answer Session” b/w “Vast Deference”
14.) C.I.A. * Priapismics * Rock Hard Forever EP
15.) Vetranos * Chicano-Christ * Come’ CaCa EP

Part III: Into The Groove
16.) Intendo * Guyve * Delaying The Inevitable
17.) Le Morte d’Arthur by Thomas Malory, 1485 [Excerpts III] * The Cambridge Treasure of English Prose * Caedmon Records
18.) Make You Cry * Last Of The Juanitas * Time’s Up!
19.) Hand Holder * Gaythiest * Stealth Beats
20.) 253-425 * Behead The Prophet No Lord Shall Live * Making Craters Where Buildings Stood EP
21.) Bereft Rescue Mission No. 43 * godheadSilo * The Scientific Supercake L.P.
22.) Again And Again * The Hospitals * The Hospitals
23.) Someday You’ll Be King * MX-80 * “Someday You’ll Be King” b/w/ “White Night”
24.) Bottomless Pit * Men’s Recovery Project * Thank You For Kill Me EP


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