15th Anniversary Blas-Travaganza Part III: Cathead!



15th Anniversary Blas-Travaganza Part III: Cathead!

This show did not start out as an opportunity for Cathead to reform.  Let’s make that abundantly clear up front.  This was never the intention, nor the desire from the start.  However, as several of us began to realize that we would be in the same room together, it wasn’t long before WANC Records contacted us about a “Contractual Obligation Performance” required at the 20 year mark of our first forming.  We hemmed and hawed, and really tried to resist, but in the end it was apparent: Cathead would take the stage again.

Day 1

Day 1

Cathead was never about being fantastic performers, or even about having songs or music, per se.  Our avant-punk stylings were more about a sort of abstract performance art, a sort of loaf-core-taken-to-the-next-level band, where all of our most terrible, awful, and despicable ideas were funneled into one band.  We had a rule in Cathead: when you say, “I have a really bad idea,” no other band member can refuse the suggestion, and pretty soon it wasn’t hard to get behind a one-off reunion.

This hadn’t been the first time the idea came up.  In 2006, the idea of a reunion came up, and we even went so far as to write two new songs, which both appear in this performance, in addition to a sort of “tour” through Cathead’s catalog, focusing on the songs we wrote with Syd Louse.  (Die-hard Cathead fans will remember that there was a later incarnation, minus Syd.  However, we could not locate Scratchy The Raving Derelict for this performance, and thus decided to drop our later-period songs.)  In typical Cathead fashion, we practiced once before this show.

I would like to thank Duckfuzz – yet again – for completely failing to open for us.

In a way, the show was exactly like old Cathead shows, with the added exceptions that we were drinking, something we would have never added to our chemical compositions back in the day, and we actually sounded a little better than we ever did back then.  This is probably going to be the final statement of this particular brand of expression, only because some of us may not make it to the 50 Year reunion outlined in our awful contract with WANC.

Included are a few shots from the audience.

Thanks again for letting me put a quarter in the ride, and enjoying one last march across the stage.

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