The Strange Doctor Weird!

The Strange Doctor Weird!

The Strange Doctor Weird!

How’s It Named?: The Strange Doctor Weird!
(Featuring a live, solo performance on KPSU, where I present two short narratives based around the ’40’s radio seriel, The Strange Doctor Weird, as special coverage for Ricardo Wang.)

Covering for Ricardo Wang, I storm the KPSU studios for an audio essay centering around two selections from The Strange Doctor Weird, a radio program from the 1940’s featuring the voice of Maurice Tarplin as the titular character, written by Robert A. Arthur and directed by Jock McGregor.  The program is, in many ways, a sequel to The Mysterious Traveler, a program from which many of the Doctor Weird stories were culled from.  These versions, told in 15 minute segments, appeared on a number of stations as material that could easily fill out an hour or programming, and was most well known as being sponsored by Adam Hats, who could afford their own radio program in those days.

Accompanying these stories is a live performance by me, as I mix and apply effects to sounds made in the studio, as well as the sounds of recorded music by The Black Noise Orchestra and Yellow Crystal Star.  This performance, in many ways, is in preparation for my NoFest appearance coming in August.  I’m really excited about this show, and I need the practice.  So consider this show a “practice” session for that show.

During this show, Tunacan Jones was lurking around in the studio, and he helped influence the direction of this audio essay.  It’s also Part I of a multi-part radio appearance, which is slowly making it’s way to the podcast-o-sphere.  But until then, this humble beginning is available.


The Strange Doctor Weird!

Part I: Journey Into The Unknown
01.) Excerpt * The Black Noise Orchestra * 20 September 2006
02.) Journey Into The Unknown * The Strange Doctor Weird! * 21 November 1944
03.) Nine Thousand And Second Amaranth Shower [Excerpt] * Yellow Crystal Star * Rainbow Bridge To Nonlocality: Myriad Forms of You

Part II: The Man Who Knew Everything
04.) Excerpt * The Black Noise Orchestra * 27 December 2006
05.) The Man Who Knew Everything * The Strange Doctor Weird! * 20 March 1945
06.) Up Under: Triumph, The Mask Melted Away To Reveal The Way * Yellow Crystal Star * Rainbow Bridge To Nonlocality: Myriad Forms of You

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