Miniature Show Update Alert Alert Alert! (#2)

Man... Or Astro-Man?

Man… Or Astro-Man?

Miniature Show Update Alert Alert Alert! (#2)
(Featuring a quick rundown of recent stuff I’ve seen / done.)

In a new-ish segment to our program, I decided to rundown the rocktacular weekend of amazing music that I got to experience.  Up first: the 17th of May at The Doug Fir, with none other than the incredible Man… Or Astro-Man?   Their show was incredible, and lived up to the quality of performance that they delivered two years ago, when they also dropped by Portland for a sort of “best-of” performance.  This time, they have new material, a new guitar player, and new releases!  This mini-show contains three tracks from their new 7″s releases by Chunklet Industries, that I picked up at the show.  Enjoy!

I also go on to plug the marathon day of radio on the 18th of May, where I appeared in seven out of 8 hours of radio on KPSU.  In that span of time, I managed to cover Ricardo Wang’s What’s This Called?, delivering a two-part audio essay, and ran sound for three bands: Gaytheist, Sweat Lodge & No Bone.  In that time, I got to hang with Tunacan Jones, Jonathon Boober, and Miss Rikki Lee.  During that time, I got to include a number od DJ selections, and ran sound for all the bands.  It was a pretty crazy day, and I had a great time.  Links and posts are forthcoming, but in the meantime I wanted to blab about it, so here you go.

I also close the show with a little solo jam, just me and my pedal.

Short and to the point.  Just like some radio should be.



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