The Book of Karen (And Other Pleasant Sounds)

Habesha Lounge

Habesha Lounge

The Book of Karen (And Other Pleasant Sounds)
(Featuring live performances by Death Pact Jazz Ensemble, The Holy Filament, Overdose The Katatonic, Abusive Consumer & The Dead Air Fresheners w/ me, Austin Rich!)

A few months ago Blasphuphmus Radio was given the unique opportunity to participate in an incredible show at Habesha Lounge, featuring a number of incredible artists who had also made an appearance on What’s This Called? earlier that same day.  It was a pretty incredible day of music, and I was more than happy to participate in running sound, and hanging out with some cool dudes.

However, this show was unique, in that I actually performed as part of the headlining act.  That’s right, I got to perform with The Dead Air Fresheners, the first time I’d done any kind of experimental music since the mid ’90’s.  It was incredibly nerve wracking, and I was lucky that the small hangover I had was all that I earned that particular evening.

The performances in this show were incredible, and I’m really happy with the way they came out.  I was still trying to dial in how I would record artists live, and while I have some bugs to work out, this is a fantastic representation of what I can (and will be) doing with this show in the future.  If you aren’t already fans of these guys, I recommend tracking down some other stuff by all of them.  They are all very good at melting your mind in the best of ways.

For the performance with The Dead Air Fresheners, I interpreted a story titled “The Book of Karen,” from The Bible of Blasphuphmus, a re-interpretation of a story written by kiisu d’salyss, THE Pope of The Church of Blasphuphmus.  It’s an old story, and quite near and dear to the members of the church.  I was told after the performance that I did the story proud, and hopefully you enjoy the work we did here as well.

While this podcast is edited together to give you a full presentation of what this show was like, you can also enjoy each of the individual performances as their own individual downloads on our Bandcamp Page.  These downloads are free, but you can always make a donation to help support the cause.

Otherwise, I’ll let this one speak for itself.  Enjoy!

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