The Facebook Fiction Initiative

The Facebook Fiction Initiative

The Facebook Fiction Initiative

The Facebook Fiction Initiative

Social media has come to dominate every part of our lives.  People share music, movies, trips to the coast and, yes, photos of their breakfasts in an effort to journal publicly, in real time, day in and day out.  As we are constantly plugged into our Myfacester+ accounts through computers in our pockets, our desk and/or lap oriented tops, and the coffeemaker we program to greet us each day, as we live out the longest, daily-broadcast reality show where no plot advances, no characters develop, and no one is ever voted off of anything.

It is time for a change.

The Facebook Fiction Initiative is an attempt to create something interesting out the deluge of lack-of-status updates, consta-grams, and the digital ejaculate we are swimming in daily.  Let’s remove the Non-Fiction from our timelines, and start making things up as we interact with each other.

As the simulacrum of social interaction begins to slowly replace the actual social interaction we used to value, we must remind each other that the 1 and 0 lives we live should not be confused for the so-called real deal that our physical bodies are constantly undergoing.  With each fictional post you make to social media, you reclaim your experiential existence outside of screens in a way that no amount of eBaying can fulfill.  If we can draw a hard line between the conversations we have in person, and the fictional ones we pretend to have via the Inter-Web-A-Tron, we can ignore the crippling notion that the future is becoming more and more impersonal, and slowly killing our everyday existence.

So: log into your social media accounts.  Fill them with made up ideas, slightly believable lies, photoshopped impossible images, and excerpts from the novel you’ve been writing in your head.  Promise yourself that you will never post a Truth to your Twitter, never a fact in your Facebook, and that Tumblr will be full of fanciful wonder.

The Facebook Fiction Initiative: taking back social media from The Horrible Truth.  You can make a difference, if you start lying today.

Brought to you by  WE NOW LIVE IN THE FUTURE!

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