NoFest 2013!



NoFest 2013!

The 6th Annual NoFest in Historic St. John’s is August 10th, and is exited to announce that they will be recording live, in front of an audience for this event.  Be a part of the show!  Witness as we put on our broadcast with discerning listeners in the audience!  See a rare, audio-only spectacle from the comfort of your favorite neighborhood block party.

For this presentation, will be scored live by none other than The Black Noise Orchestra.  Providing live improvised soundscapes, The Black Noise Orchestra will accompany an audio theater presentation of Journey Into Space: Operation Luna Part 1.  This is a rare opportunity to see radio performed live in front of an audience, among the other incredible guests a part of the 6th Annual NoFest.

The Dead Air Fresheners

The Dead Air Fresheners

THIS JUST IN!  Blasphuphmus Radio – namely, Austin Rich – will be performing live with The Dead Air Fresheners at NoFest!  The Dead Air Fresheners completed in 2013 their trilogy of operatives with spoken word artists begun in 2001 with poet Chuck Swaim and continued some ten years later with experimental fiction author Jennifer Robin. The final installments of this trilogy were a handful of performances with zine writer and underground radio personality Austin Rich.   I am very excited to be a part of their show, and this will be a stellar performance that you will not want to miss.  

To get a sense of the kinds of work we do together, check out this video made by Ryan A Ray a the Ethiopian restaurant and lounge Habesha.  This video featurs the masked chance determinists laying an electro-acoustic and electronic soundtrack to Mr. Rich’s surrealist sermon of the gospel from the Church of Blasphuphmus. 

Additionally: The Blasphuphmus Radio Street Team will be on the scene for No Fest!  Our team of faithful recording cardinals will be out recording bands, interviews, and street recordings of No Fest as it is happening.  This is a call to any artist or musician who would like to be included in our podcast during this weekend.  Just contact and express your interest.  We are very interested in getting you on the show.

August 10th, 2013: The 6th Annual No Fest &  A match made in NoPo.  With a rare, public appearance by The Black Noise Orchestra.

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