9 November 2013: Novermber Drain

9 November 2013: Novermber Drain

A mailbag full of new noises including from The Dead C!  Veteran’s Day Poppies in Effect

Taps Bronsense Bronsense
The Shining of Things David Sylvian Dead Bees on a Cake
Ghosts By Japan Hood You Show No Emotion At All
Time Vampires Flying Lotus Pattern Grid World
Destroyer of Paradise Noisepoet Nobody & Sisiutl Flecks of Mica
Mountain of Doom Richard Youngs Summer Through My Mind
Sick His Name Is Alive Mouth By Mouth
Soiled. Luscious John Zorn & Thurston Moore “@”
Deepspacejam Friends of Don Quixote SaDoAMascus Reccords 2013 Summer Compilation
Track 2 (edit) the dead c Armed Courage
Lab Rats Lab Rats SadoAMascus Records 2013 Summer Compilation
Landing Mission Fetal Pulse Space
Gun Lou Reed The Blue Mask


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