What’s This Called? 9/14 Benefit Highlights

Live At Slim's!

Live At Slim’s!

What’s This Called? 9/14 Benefit Highlights
(Featuring remixes by Ricardo Wang & Austin Rich of live performances captured on 14 September 2013 at Slim’s in Historic St. John’s!)

What’s This Called? – if anything – is a place where experimental music and persist in all of its various permutations, and why should the presentation of live recordings be any different?  What began as an attempt to replay some of the best music from the KPSU Benefit Show from 14 September turned into an entirely unique presentation, where Ricardo Wang and myself spent the hour remixing these recordings live on the air.

We couldn’t fit the almost two-hours of live performances into a single hour of radio, so these ‘edited highlights’ are even more manipulated using the CDJs at KPSU.  The music of ALTO!, Fiasco, Jacob Anderson & Jennifer Robin, and Jeremy C. Long are all present in this episode, but heavily manipulated by both Ricardo and myself.  It makes sense; once a live experience is captured in some useful form, the presentation of that material does not have to mimic the real time experience.  Not only does this create something new to enjoy, but it presents the material in a truly experimental form.  We both had a lot of fun with this show, and we hope you enjoy it too.


And, if you would like to hear the performances un-manipulated, they this YouTube playlist is perfect for you.  All of the performances from that evening are present, in two-camera forms, and includes much that did not make it into the show, including a live set by The Dead Air Fresheners, a band with which I perform!  These videos are some of the first two-camera edits I’ve ever done, and while I’m not going to say these are great visual representations, they are pretty decent for what they are.  The full, stereo recordings of the performances are included with these videos, and give you a chance to hear things as they were that night.

Also included in this show is a 30 minutes “pre-game show” by Ricardo Wang, playing a few tracks of his choosing.  

This show was a lot of fun.  I hope you enjoy it, too.  


01.) Introduction * Jennifer Robin & Jacob Anderson
02.) Piece 1 * ALTO!
03.) Piece 1 * Fiasco
04.) “The In” * Jennifer Robin & Jacob Anderson
05.) “Charlie Sheen Party” * Jennifer Robin & Jacob Anderson
06.) Entire Performance * Jeremy C. Long



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