4 January 2014: New Dei Rising

4 January 2014: New Dei Rising

Dead Moon Night Dead Moon Echos of the Past
The Beast Urthquake Discograph: 15 Years of Fury
Primitive Blast Wave The Finer Points of Sadism Live at the Crux: Improvised and Amplified
Don’t Smoke in Bed Nina Simone Ultimate Nina Simone
In the Night Bauhaus The Sky’s Gone Out
Ain’t Got No Life Body/Head Coming Apart
Casting a Spell Motion Sickness of Time Travel ladyz in noyz 3
Waves Sand Snowman Nostalgia Ever After
Land of the Day Star Sun Ra Cymbals
Communist Eyes Chelsea Light Moving Chelsea Light Moving
A Star Is Born Legendary Pink Dots The Gethesemane Option
Unwelome Guest III Bob Bucko Jr. The Eternal Song
Waves of Fear Lou Reed The Blue Masque


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