A Day Off From Work

Where Are Those Villains, Anyway?

Where Are Those Villains, Anyway?

A Day Off From Work
(Featuring thoughts on Super-Hereos, Green Lantern, Blue Beetle, Soriah, Admiran, & our financial future.)

As I stay at home to celebrate this magnificent paid day off, it’s only fair that I produce a new episode for 2014.  Jumping right into the program, I threw together a full hour of audio of the Blasphuphmus variety.  With all the cool things I’ve been working on recently, it’s nice to work on something a little more fun.

SinestroPart I of our show continues the theme of new records I’ve recently acquired, and all of them are pretty awesome.  I was also able to pull out a bit of a theme, which set up the remainder of the program.

Blue Beetle!

Blue Beetle!

Part II contains a completely new segment, where I discuss some comics that I’ve been reading recently.  I recently picked up the first three volumes of the trade books published for DC’s New 52, which follows the swan-song by Green Lantern scribe Geoff Johns.  I give my honest opinion, but it isn’t nice.  While this is new, something old joins our program, too: The Blue Beetle!  Syndicating the program from 1940, we’ll be presenting serialized Blue Beetle stories as they were originally broadcast.  The first storyline is titled “Smashing Dope Ring,” where Blue Beetle tries to stop a gang of dope peddlers.  Will Blue Beetle succeed?  There’s only one way to find. out.

We close with some experimental drone pieces, in an effort to draw attention to a new video playlist we just launched, featuring live performances by Soriah on What’s This Called?  Not to toot my own horn, but I recorded the audio, filmed and produced these videos, along with the help of Jonathan Howitt’s son.  These came out pretty good, and really capture how excellent Soriah is.

I conclude with the a request to work with listeners in an effort to fund this program.  While some formal fundraising efforts will be coming together in the near future, one way to show your support (and get something back from us) would be to donate any amount – change, singles, other amounts larger than $1.00 – through our handy Pay Pal account.  You can send donations to austinrich@gmail.com, and in return for every donation of any amount, you will get some sort of gift from us that fits the kind of donation you make.  We have some cool projects coming that we’ll be specifically raising money for, but if you just want to kick something our way, that would be the way to do it.

That’s all we have this week.  We’ll be back soon with more.  Until then, take care!

And: Enjoy!

A Day Off From Work

Part I: Heroes & Villians (A Vinyl Solution)

01.) Peter Gunn * Henry Mancini
02.) Heroes & Villians * The Beach Boys
03.) Secret Agent Man * Johnny Rivers
04.) Goodnight Mrs. Flintstone * The Piltdown Men
05.) Coesville * Johnny Zorro
06.) Twist Twist Señora * Gary “US” Bonds
07.) Puddin’ * Ernie Freeman

Part II: Comics, Now & Then

08.) Side 1, Disc 4 of “The Golden Age of Entertainment”
09.) Smashing Dope Ring Part I * Blue Beetle * 15 May 1940

Part III: Drone On To The End

10.) Atlan * Soriah (With Ashkelon Sain) * Atlan
11.) Alveolar-Capillary Barrier * Admiran
12.) Monk [Excerpt] * Cypher

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