Shoegaze Showdown w/ Balms

Me & Balms

Me & Balms

Shoegaze Showdown w/ Balms
(The gents from Balms drop by for a quick chat as we deliver a slightly more “shoegazey” show that normal.  Everyone wins.)

It’s Balms!  This San Francisco group is on tour, and I was lucky enough to get them to come into the studio to plug their shows, while checking out their new self released EP.  This is the first band I’ve had on the new program, and I was really excited to plug these guys.  Fortunately, you get to enjoy the fruits of these labors.

In Part I, I feature selections from the EP, and some of the other bands that were playing with them during their show at The Know and Habesha Lounge.  In Part II, not only do we get to meet Balms, but they allowed me to premier a song that has only previously been available from the Bandcamp page.  It was a real pleasure to meet these guys, and next time we are absolutely getting them to perform a live set.

And, while we’re at it, here’s a video they made that is fantastic.


In Part III, not only did I replay the Audio Book version of “The Facebook Fiction Initiative” piece, but I address the issue of Underwriting.  In order to keep KPSU on the air, there will be a Pledge Drive coming soon, and I want to toy with the idea of getting micropayments from our listeners.  This would allow us to avoid having to get a few large donors, and instead collect much smaller payments from a large number of folks.  Spare change for radio.  For every dollar you put in, you won’t have to put in any more.  I’m working out ways that this can work for us, and if you have ideas, I would love to hear them.

Thanks again Balms for coming down to KPSU.  They are welcome on our program at any time.


Shoegaze Showdown w/ Balms

Part I: “Surface To Grave”

01.) Surface * Balms * Balms * Self Released
02.) Lay Your Head Down * Here Come Dots * Dusk *
03.) At Dagger’s Drawn * Hang The New Year * The Tower *
04.) Grave * Balms * Balms * Self Released

Part II: “All Right”

05.) Pet Sounds * The Beach Boys
06.) Balms Interview
07.) All Right * Balms * Balms * Self Released

Part III: “Underwriting Promises”

08.) The Facebook Fiction Initiative * Austin Rich *
09.) Catastrophic * Beach Party * Beach Party *
10.) Another Green World * Brian Eno

Bonus DJ Set

<Secret Hidden Playlist>

11.) While You’re Sleeping, I’m Dreaming * Tamaryn * Tender New Signs
12.) No Medicine For Regret * Mogwai * Rave Tapes
13.) You Are Not A Cat * Dry Cleaners * Lost In The Supermarket *
14.) Lorelei * Cocteau Twins * Treasure
15.) In Silence * Sean Sandor * Pas Musique / Ben Link Collins / Shaun Sandor Split
16.) Vern’s Answer To The Masses * Unwound * The Future of What * Kill Rock Stars
17.) Here Come The Dogs * Unwound * The Future of What
18.) Monstre Sacre * Stereolab

</Secret Hidden Playlist>


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