Episode 59: Quantum Quartering of Abducted Affectations (Retrocast)

Episode 59: Quantum Quartering of Abducted Affectations (Retrocast)



Chilling winds blow through another empty mind lost in loving obscenities often overlooked. Waking and walking through a blustery haze you once heard in the distant future. Open your eyes to watermelon sugar-coated cakes, sip your tea and await the return of ashes to dust.


“S.O.F.T.” – Elastica

“Down For The Hit” – The Chrome Cranks

“In Tune” – Johnny Curious & The Strangers

“Blow Up Your Mind” -The Cramps

“Harmony In My Head” -Buzzcocks

“Skizzo Skizzo” -Kandeggina Gang

“Dirty Little Secrets” – The Sex Crimes

“Star Bellied Boy (Radio Edit)” – Bikini Kill

“Pause” – Discharge

“Today” – The Alley Cats

“That Last” – Fetish

“Out Of Time” – Mick Harvey

“Middle of The Night” – The Soviettes

“All I Want” – Snatch

“Can’t Stop These Things” – China Drum

“Always Calling” – The Moving Targets


“Below The Drop” – The Effigies

“Subversive Pleasure” – Chalk Circle

“Got It Made” – Lovely Legs

“Sweet Suburban Dreams” – Discharge

“Break On Through” – The Weirdos

“Absent Mind” – Mission Of Burma

“You’ve Been Duplicated” – Chrome

“The Darkness Is Only The Shadow Of Our Light” – Healers

“Midnight Lust” – The Underground Youth

“Sugarlight” – X

“The Affectionate Punch” – The Associates

“Over and Over” – MC5

“Constant” – Emilie Autumn

“This Time Tomorrow” – The Kinks

“Moonland” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

KPSU Playlist


Episode 59x: Excavating The Omega

"Fucking The Hardy Boys" by Suzanne Falk

Originally airing during the hours when Whitechapel Circus is heard on the KPSU airwaves, this full 2-hour episode is a companion to Episode 59 and features a guest appearance by renowned painter and merrymaker, Suzanne Falk for a discussion on her latest UFO series of paintings, the magic of surprise mail, some wisdom from the Duncan Trussel Family Hour, and so much more! Best of all, it’s tied up in a wonderful digital audio package for your adoration and ear tickling!


“Let Me Be Your Cigarette” – Dax Riggs

“Sweet Stuff” – Click Click

“Pretty Boys” – The Au Pairs

“Some Velvet Morning” – Lydia Lunch f/ Nick Cave

“Sick Of Dreaming” – Murder City Devils

“Strawberry” – Butthole Surfers

“Deliberate Indifference” – The Frumpies

“Laugh Laugh” – Beau Brummels

“It’s The Only Time” – The Girls At Dawn

“Teenage Dreamer” – The Scientists

“Future Blues” – Ramblin’ Jeffrey Lee

“Faster and Faster” – DEVO


“Think That It Might” – Altered Images

“Eternal Sunshine” – Jean Shepard

“Vulture Culture” – Lover!

“Rhinestone” – Alpha Skool

“Ruin and Renew” – The Blue Meanies

“Makeup” – Mr. T Experience

“Resonance” – Ex-Girl

“This Is My World” – Mano Negra

“Overture To The Rotting Rainbows of Babylon” – Nehemiah St. Danger

“Never Say Never” – Romeo Void

“Child of God” – Sawyer Family

“Fuego!” – Murder By Death

“Scratch” – Skeleton Key

KPSU Playlist



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