The Devo Tribute Show

Bob Casale

Bob Casale

The Devo Tribute Show
(We pay tribute to Bob Casale – Bob 2 – who passed away this week, by playing a bunch of Devo songs, and taking calls from Devo fans.  Lot’s of gushing ensues.)

A Momentary Lapse of Reason goes into full tribute mode for the first time as we pay tribute to Bob 2’s band, Devo.  For many, this was a national day of mourning, but rather than dwell on the loss, we tried to celebrate this amazing group with music and stories about them, and all their members.  We take a couple of calls, share wonderful interview clips, and revel in one of the greatest artistic achievements of the 20th Century.  


The Devo Tribute Show

Part I: We’re All Devo!

01.) Devo Corporate Anthem * Devo * Duty Now For The Future
02.) Elephant * Mark’s Magic Pictures * Yo Gabba Gabba!
03.) The Bobacatto * Mark Mothersbaugh * The SubGenius Foundation
04.) Peek-A-Boo * Devo * Oh No!  It’s Devo!
05.) Mongoloid [Live] * Devo *
06.) Through Being Cool * Devo * New Traditionalists
07.) Big Mess * Devo * Oh No!  It’s Devo!
08.) Smart Patrol / Mr. DNA * Devo * Duty Now For The Future

Part II: Down The Devo Hole w/ David Berry

09.) The Royal Tenenbaums Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
10.) What Is De-Evolution? [Part I] * Devo * Night Flight
11.) Devo Is Visual * Devo * Night Flight

Part III: The Waiters Are In Full Effect w/ Justin In Seattle

12.) The Royal Tenenbaums Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
13.) Why Start Again? * Devo * Warner Bros. Promotional Video
14.) The Devo Energy Dome * Devo

Bonus DJ Set

<Secret Hidden Playlist>

15.) Be Stiff * Devo * “Be Stiff” b/w “Social Fools”
16.) One Dumb Thing * Devo * New Traditionalists
17.) Mongoloid * Devo * Q: Are We Not Men?  A: We Are Devo!
18.) Speed Racer * Devo * Oh No!  It’s Devo!
19.) Midget * Devo * Hardcore Devo Vol. 1
20.) Beautiful World * Devo * New Traditionalists

</Secret Hidden Playlist>



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