Booberamapalloozafest Preview w/ Johnathon Boober

Booberamapaloozafest 2014

Booberamapalloozafest 2014

Booberamapalloozafest Preview w/ Johnathon Boober
(Johnathon Boober – local scenester and all around very cool gent – drops by our humble program to talk about the incredible event happening next week, and play some music by the bands that will be there.)

I met Johnathon Boober one night at a Karaoke bar (full disclosure: I ran the Karaoke), and we have been friends ever since.  His sense of style, musical taste, artistic interests and inclinations, as well as his sharp wit have made him an invaluable friend, and I regularly miss his incredible radio endeavors when he was host of Is This Music? and Hogwash Hodgepodge & Musical Detritus.

However, you don’t have to go very far to see his influence on the music scene.  With friends in more bands than you can safely fit on an iPod, Boober has put on some incredible shows over the years, and his annual Booberamapalloozafest is now four years strong, and an excellent example of the amazing bands he’s built relationships with.  In this program, not only do we plug the fourth incarnation of this amazing event, but we listen to samples of the bands performing on this incredible bill.  Basically, you’ll want to call in sick Friday, clear your calendar for the weekend, and spend the entire time at The Kenton Club, because shows like this are few and far between.

As mentioned in the program, Boober has hosted a number of great bands on the radio, and my predecessor was involved with two amazing ones: RABBITS & Nasalrod.  I cannot say enough nice things about either band, and if you would like to relive these broadcasts to get yourself in the mood for March 8th, then I urge you to follow the links provided:

Is This Music? w/ RABBITS, Live!

Nasalrod, LIVE!

(Shhhhh. Don’t tell, but: the secret hidden playlist contains some excellent music, curated by me and Boober. Totally worth your time!)


Booberamapalloozafest Preview

Part I: Birthday Rock

01.) Johnathon Boober Mix [Excerpt]
02.) Hello Ello * Nasalrod * Steward
03.) Reflection * RABBITS * RABBITS / WHORES Split 7″
04.) Show & Tell * Monogamy Party * False Dancers
05.) Eltit Gnos * ubik. * A Hideous Triumph of Form and Function
06.) Tiny Fists * The Fur Coats * Don’t Make Me Beg
07.) ?? * NighTraiN * ??

Part II: Unicorn vs. Pegasus

08.) Johnathon Boober Mix Part II [Excerpt]
09.) ?? * RLLRBLL * ??
10.) ?? * The Fur Coats * ??

Part III: Behind The Curtains

11.) Johnathon Boober Mix Part III [Excerpt]
12.) ?? * RLLRBLL * ??

Bonus DJ Set

<Secret Hidden Playlist>

13.) Ordinary Things * Monogamy Party * False Dancers
14.) ?? * RABBITS * Live on Is This Music?
15.) ?? * RLLRBLL * ??
16.) Under Leaves * Appendixes * False Color EP
17.) The Facebook Fiction Initiative * Austin Rich *
18.) Tell Me Something I Don’t Already Know * The Fur Coats * Goddamn, I’m a Handsome Man!
19.) Four Walls * Monogamy Party * False Dancers
20.) ?? * RABBITS * Live on Is This Music?

</Secret Hidden Playlist>

As a special bonus treat: Tunacan Jones was messaging Miss Rikki during the show, starting at about 6:23 PM.  You can read his live comments, here:

Cuddle Time with Mr. Boober
you just ripped me off
My hogwash
you ripped off my cuddle with boober……stab me in the back while i’m listening and supporting the whole fucking sorry lot of ya
i quit
don’t ignore me
i know you’re reading these
i’m still listening.
I want to see what else you or willl rip off of my genius
i built kenton
i created that show
a moment without any mention of me
i publish those papers
i built his house
i’ll touch it
over and over and over again
I’m posting on the internet
never said my name or that damn Boober

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