Episode 121: Surrounded By Vidiots

Episode 121: Surrounded By Vidiots

Another Tuna-free episode complete with no-pants policy!


Black Flag – “TV Party”

Howard  Shore – “Welcome To Videodrome”

Ken Nordine – “The Vidiot”

Television – “See No Evil”

TV Ghost – “The Network”

Captain Sensible & Nicholas Parsons – “Come On Down”

The Riverdales – “I Think About You During The Commercials”

Jon Pertwee – “I Am The Doctor”

Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry – “Hollow Eyes”


Cobra Skulls – “Charming The Cobra”

Thomas Truax – “It’s All Happening Now”

Groovie Goolies – “Lights Out”

Angel & The Reruns – “Buffy Come Back”

7 Shot Screamers – “TV”
Bruce McCullough – “Not Happy”

Mr. T Experience – “How’d The Date End?”

Billy Nayer Show – “A”

Pere Ubu – “Caligari’s Mirror”

The Aquabats – “Idiot Box”

Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – “Spoken Word”

Janitors of Anarchy – “Lively Arts”


The Epoxies – “Struggle Like No Other”

Cold Dogs In The Courtyard – “Video Is Not Art”

The Damned – “Plan 9 Channel 7”

Red Elvises – “Spacecowboy”

Leslie Hall – “No Pants Policy”

Subhumans – “Apathy”

Tape Beatles – “The Grand Delusion”





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