Borrowed Time, Borrowed Eyes (w/ Pup, LIVE!)



Borrowed Time, Borrowed Eyes (w/ Pup, LIVE!)
(Miss Rikki and I – both spent from an exhausting and stupid day – return to a few old segments, digress ever-so-slightly, and premiere our theme music by Paco Jones himself! <Shhhhh! There’s also a live performance by Toronto’s Pup during our super-secret bonus at the end!>)

It seems as if we are all on Borrowed Time these days, as we each slowly devolve in this strange and terrifying post-apocalyptic time set almost 10 years into the future.  However, we’re doing our best to come, and while Wednesday’s usually suck, they now only suck until 6 PM, which works out pretty well for Miss Rikki & I.  Fortunately, you benefit from this circumstance, with another new episode of A Momentary Lapse of Reason.

In this one, we address the subject of Bad Clients again, play another round of “We Have No Idea What This Sounds Like,” shamelessly plug Booberamapalloozafest, and talk up our impending Pledge Drive Listener Support Thresholds.  Add to all of this some great music, and you have one hell of a show.

(Shhhhhhh!  During our super-secret bonus DJ set, the band Pup from Toronto was in the KPSU studio, pre-recording a performance to be played at another time.  However, I decided to mix an excerpt from this live performance into the Bonus Set, just for you.  These guys were really good, super tight, and a lot of fun, and worked perfectly to counteract the bad mood I was already experiencing.  Thanks Pup!)


Borrowed Time, Borrowed Eyes

Part I: Everything’s Exploding

01.) Everything’s Exploding * The Flaming Lips * Oh My Gawd!!!… The Flaming Lips
02.) Borrowed Time, Borrowed Eyes * SubRosa * No Help For The Mighty Ones
03.) Invisibugs (Live) * RABBITS * Is This Music? Broadcast
04.) Whiskey Sex Shack * The Mekons * Me

Part II: Wednesday’s Suck Until 6 PM

05.) The Rondelles * Fiction Romance Fast Machines
06.) Wonder Dark * Dog Bite * Tranquilizers

Part III: Relax And Enjoy The Experience

07.) The Ghastly Ones * A-Haunting We Will Go-Go



Bonus DJ Set (w/ Pup, LIVE!)

<Secret Hidden Playlist>

08.) Planet of The Wolves * Guitar Wolf * Planet of The Wolves
09.) I Can’t Control Myself * The Troggs * Archeology (1967-1977)
10.) Live In-Studio Performance [Excerpt] * Pup (see the complete Pup Photoset Here)
11.) Hey!  Mashed Potato, Hey!  * The’s * Pin Heel Stomp
12.) When It Blows Its Stacks * Captain Beefheart * The Spotlight Kid
13.) Up In Her Room * The Seeds * A Web of Sound
14.) Sun Ra Backwards

</Secret Hidden Playlist>


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