Episode 123: Down The Hatch

Episode 123: Down The Hatch

Jubilation, doughnuts with sprinkles, one-way tickets, and absolutely NO TUNA on another joyful episode of Closet Radio!


Red Aunts – “Poison Steak”

Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs – “Poison Ivy”

The Gun Club – “Fire Spirit”

Mr. T Experience – “Time For Your Medicine”

The Drags – “Tastes Like Poison”

Boris The Sprinkler – “Yellow Pills”

Bomb The Music Industry – “Cold Chillin’ Cold Chillin'”

Tilt – “Til It Kills”

Ken Kesey & The Merry Pranksters – “One Way Ticket (A Classic)”


Man or Astroman? – “Maximum Radiation Level”


Thee Oh Sees – “Poison Finger”

Daryl Sherrer – “French Wife”

Tom Lehrer – “Poisoning Pigeons In The Park”

Dave Vanian & The Phantom Chords – “Fever In My Blood”

Ramones – “Poison Heart”

Squirrel Bait – “Choose Your Poison”


Mogwai – “Acid Food”

Old Time Relijun – “Chemical Factory”

The Open Mind – “Magic Potion”

Lily & The Parlour Tricks – “The Poison Song”

Gang Of Four – “Natural’s Not In It”

Love & Rockets – “Spiked”

Dead Moon – “Running Out of Time”

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “Babe I Got You Bad”

Nehemiah St. Danger – “Lost And Alone With The Tiger Ate My Head Blues”

Dahlia Seed – “Teas”

Bauhaus – “Poison Pen”

Godflesh – “40 Versions”

Specimen – “Beauty of Poison”

Bloody Hollies – “Gasoline”

Wasn’t Wisn’t – “Glossolalia”





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