Pursuing The Trivial w/ Rick (Interview with Miss Rikki & Austin Rich)

Rick from Pursuing The Trivial

Rick from Pursuing The Trivial

Pursuing The Trivial w/ Rick (Interview with Miss Rikki & Austin Rich)
(Rick from Pursuing The Trivial asked Miss Rikki & I to join him for an episode of his program, and we discuss our history in the world of radio, and some of the stories connected to KPSU itself.)

Miss Rikki's Famous Booth Dancing

Miss Rikki’s Famous Booth Dancing

As a special bonus treat this week, we bring you an interview conducted by Rick from Pursuing The Trivial, on the subject of myself and Miss Rikki.  We discuss our own connection to radio, and a little KPSU history, too.  All part of the Amp KPSU Pledge Drive celebrations.  This was a lot of fun, and Rick is a wonderful host with a very unique show.  Don’t forget to check it out; you won’t be sorry.

I also took a few snaps, which you can find in this photoset here.





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