Four Dimensional Nightmare, LIVE! (Pledge Drive 2014)

Four Dimensional Nightmare

Four Dimensional Nightmare

Four Dimensional Nightmare, LIVE! (Pledge Drive 2014)
(With our first ever live in-studio performance on AMLOR, we bring in our good buddy Four Dimensional Nightmare for a mind-melting performance.)  

For our third and final Pledge Drive episode for 2014, we bring in our good friend Tom.  In his alter ego as Four Dimensional Nightmare, he has been bringing his particular blend of guitar / drone / noise / sci-fi music for a number of years, and it is always a treat to see him in action.  Miss Rikki & I have quite a bit of footage from this performance, as well as some photos, and we’re hoping to bring you all of this A/V as it is available.

Four Dimensional Nightmare.  Live.  Let your mind wander.

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Four Dimensional Nightmare, LIVE!


Part I: Introduction

01.) Excerpt * Four Dimensional Nightmare * Live on “What’s This Called?” 2 March 2013


Part II: Four Dimensional Nightmare, LIVE!

02.) 16 April 2014

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