Episode 128: Gobstopper In-Studio

Gobstopper, LIVE! on Closet Radio

Gobstopper, LIVE! on Closet Radio

Episode 128: Gobstopper In-Studio

In certain circles, Jawbreaker is the equivalent of The Rolling Stones or The Who: a revered band that taught some people how to love, make friends, host parties, have a good time, get sad, and ultimately, find your place in the world around you. What was surprising to me wasn’t that there is a Jawbreaker cover band – wonderfully named Gobstopper, I should add – but that there aren’t more bands like this.

Gobstopper Tells It Like It Is

Gobstopper Tells It Like It Is

As part of the final Pledge Drive 2014 broadcast, Gobstopper dropped by the KPSU studios to give Closet Radio Listeners a magnificent taste of what it is like to have grown up on a band like this. These guys were high energy, friendly, excited to be playing, and really embody a DIY aesthetic that is as much fun as it is impressive. Using coconuts and duct tape, we were able to get them on the air in a fashion that matched this aesthetic, and created a two-hour broadcast that is not to be missed.

MyFacester+ Photo Set.


? and The Mysterians – “Do You Feel It?”

The Black Lips – “Boys In The Wood”

Unwound – “Below The Salt”


Gobstopper Live Set:



MillionJet Black

Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault

Box Car

Accident Prone





The Birthday Party  – “Scatterbrain”

The New Christs – “Coming Apart”


The Gun Club – “Carry Home”

The Easybeats – “Friday On My Mind”

The Drags – “Mindbender”

OMD – “Enola Gay”


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