The Ship is Docking (‘Dispatches From The Southernmost Outpost’)

Do The Robotic Satisfaction

Do The Robotic Satisfaction

The Ship is Docking (‘Dispatches From The Southernmost Outpost’)
(On the subject of packing, moving, ‘mancaves’ – how awful they are, and Miss Rikki’s lateness.)

The Lava Lamp Lounge is in the middle of relocation, and as I contemplate what it means to move everything I own to a new location, I have a few epiphanies about identity.  I try to bring these to you in an absolute sonic assault, followed by Miss Rikki & I jibber jabbering about everything under the sun.  Unfortunately, an Obviously loud band sort of spoils our edition of “We Have No Idea What This Sounds Like,” but like the soldiers we are, we march on forward as best we can, until the bitter end is finally in sight.  (Much like moving.)

As a note to listeners: we will not be doing a live show next week, as I am still wrapping up everything I need to take care of for the move, but it is also my birthday.  With that in mind, I will be preparing a podcast-only episode that you can enjoy on the 30th.



The Ship is Docking


Part I: “Word On The Street Says You Moved.”

01.) It’s Gonna Work Out Fine * Ike & Tina * Sexy Seductive Provocative
02.) Rambling On My Mind * Robert Johnson * The Complete Recordings
03.) New Horizons * Sun Ra And His Arkestra * We Travel The Spaceways
04.) Protomorphosis * Steve Moore * Light Echoes
05.) Hitler Was A Vegetarian * The Residents * The Third Reich ‘n’ Roll
06.) Toll * The Cecil Taylor Quartet * Looking Ahead!
07.) Tired Of Waiting * Nomeansno * Wrong
08.) Street Recordings * Austin Rich * St. John’s, Oregon


Part II: Fuck Packing

09.) Quiet Village * Martin Denny


Part III: Obvious Resentment

09.) Silver Sail * The Wipers



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