Episode 129: Been Reckoning

Episode 129: Been Reckoning


Joined by Tunacan Jones and The Professor, we discuss taking over Live Friday with Bastidas, Doug Stanhope’s upcoming Portland date, the futher misadventures of Mr. Frank, the early days of Tuna’s hair, and so much more!


The Flys – “Love And A Molotov Cocktail”

The Prisoners – “The Drowning”

Satan’s Rats – “Year Of The Rats”

The Carpettes – “I Don’t Mean It”


Acorn Bcorn – “Ladies In Waiting”

The Blackjacks – “(That’s Why I Always) Dress In Black”

The Computers – “I’ve Got What It Takes”


The Mighty Go-Go Players – “Get It Over”

JJCNV – “Big Whig”

Michael Yonkers f/The Blind Shake – “Down To A”

Die Haut f/ Kid Congo Powers – “Golden Gate”


Bastidas! – “In The Now”

The Vapors – “News At Ten”

Benny Bell – “The Girl From Chicago”

John Cage – “Excerpt From Silence”

The Germs – “Now I Hear The Laughter”

Flowers In The Dustbin – “The Journey’s End”

Ween – “Exactly Where I’m At”

Robyn Hitchcock – “The Afterlight”

Marilyn Manson – “Food Pyramid Song”

Dead Milkmen – “Born To Love Volcanos”

The Goops – “Vulgar Appetites”

Lover! – “Do I Really”

Current 93 f/ Nick Cave – “I Could Not Shift The Shadow”

Brian Eno & David Byrne – “Moonlight in Glory”

The Church – “Reptile”



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