Mutual Radio Theater (Retrocast #2)

I Put My Foot Down

I Put My Foot Down

Mutual Radio Theater (Retrocast #2)

As I took the week off again to enjoy some birthday relaxation, I spent some time thinking about a few moments that were real highlights from some of the work I’ve done this year, and these edits came to mind.  As I was dialing in the whole “Radio Almanac” format of the show, I was frantically trying different things out in an effort to see what kind of things I could and couldn’t do.  The results are a few experiments that I’m very proud of.

Parts I & III come to you from two shows I did in the winter, from my 2013 end of the year / 2014 Snow Day podcasts, where I was showing off some of the recent vinyl acquisitions that have come into The Archive.  The centerpiece of Part I contains edits from The Firesign Theater LP “Everything You Know Is Wrong,” which is a really excellent example of the kind of weirdness that they deliver.  I mixed it in with a few other things from all the 45s and LPs I’ve come into.  Lots of cool stuff, and I’m still pretty proud of the complete shows, linked below.

Part II includes various selections form artists that have performed live on What’s This Called?  Recently I undertook the task of Mastering the complete WTC Live Archive, which includes 77 different live performances by artists that appeared on that program.  It was a massive job, the results of which is an impressive collection of experimental artists of all shapes and sizes.  This seemed like a good opportunity to show off some of the more amazing performances from that archive, with the second Boyband performance from 13 November 2011 as the backbone of this mix that I put together.  You can find the entire broadcasts that contain these performances on the What’s This Called?… UltraBlog!, which also contains every existing episode of this program going back to 2003.  What better way to get aquainted with the kind of music his show puts on, and another example of my handiwork, and I enginered and mastered all of these records, too.

Part I: Everything You Know Is Wrong (A Vinyl Solution) 31 December 2013

01.) Our Prayer * The Beach Boys * Smile
02.) ‘This Is Leonard Nimoy’ * Mutual Radio Theater * Programs For The Week of 12 May 1980
03.) (Excerpts From) Everything You Know Is Wrong (Side A) * Firesign Theater * Everything You Know Is Wrong
04.) The Great Impostor * The Piltdown Men * (45)
05.) Crazy… Crazy… * Perez Prado And His Orchestra * (45)
06.) Raunchy * Ernie Freeman * (45)
07.) Sweet * Red Satyrs * No Hold Back… All Attack!!!: Twin Cities Hardcore Punk Rock & Roll
08.) No Trespassing * The Ventures * (45)
09.) Road Hog * Johnny Zorro * (45)
10.) Dance To The Music * Sly & The Family Stone * (45)

Part II: Boyband vs. “What’s This Called?”

11.) [Excerpt] * Cornelius F. Von Stafrin III * 5 November 2011
12.) Performance 2 * Boyband * 13 November 2010
13.) [Excerpt] * Metal * 3 February 2007
14.) [Excerpt] * Million Brazilians * 6 June 2009
15.) [Excerpt] * Offset Needle Radius * 5 February 2011

Part III: Heroes & Villains (A Vinyl Solution) 20 January 2014

16.) Peter Gunn * Henry Mancini * (45)
17.) Heroes & Villains * The Beach Boys * Smile
18.) Secret Agent Man * Johnny Rivers * (45)
19.) Goodnight Mrs. Flintstone * The Piltdown Men (45)
20.) Coesville * Johnny Zorro * (45)
21.) Twist Twist Señora * Gary “US” Bonds (45)
22.) Puddin’ * Ernie Freeman * (45)


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