Closet Friday: Bastidas! LIVE! (Live Friday 099)

Bastidas!, LIVE!

Bastidas!, LIVE!

Closet Friday: Bastidas! LIVE! (Live Friday 099)
(Featuring an in-studio performance by Bastidas!)

As someone who hosted Live Friday for quite some time, and has occasionally sat in on the show in the years since, it was nice to have my 99th Appearance on this program be with the band Bastidas!  Their new EP “Time Portal” is a very tangy slice of psyche-pop, mixed with a high-energy performance that is very much my style.

Bastidas!, LIVE!

Bastidas!, LIVE!

This episode couldn’t exist without the diligence of Tunacan Jones of the Firm Handshake Network, who did most of the legwork for the entire broadcast.  He convinced Miss Rikki of Closet Radio to host the program, wrangled me into running the sound, and even contacted PSU-TV in an effort to broadcast the entire performance, which you can see at the link below.  (The sound is cut out for the first 6o seconds, and there’s a commercial you have to sit through, first.  Patience.)  There will be more video of this performance eventually, but for now, enjoy this broadcast and relive the magic of their PDX adventure.

Bastidas!, LIVE!

Bastidas!, LIVE!

It was an extreme pleasure to meet Bastidas!, and I’ve already got their EP on heavy rotation at The Southernmost Outpost, my new home down south.  If you missed the show, then I urge you to check out this podcast, as they really are a lot of fun.  I took a million photos, most of which were turned into animated .gifs.  You can find them at the link below.


MyFacester+ Photoset (Use the “Highlights” feature to filter for only the best images.)

Closet Friday: Bastidas!, LIVE!

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