Episode 130: A Head For Heights

Episode 130: A Head For Heights

Joined by Tunacan Jones, this week we discuss the awesomeness of Bastidas!, Needles & Pizza, bag of burritos, the perfect tortillas, Carson Daly’s heresy, and so much more!


Biters – “Hang Around”

Davey Jones (Bowie) – “I’m Not Losing Sleep”

Johnny Burnette Trio – “Rock Therapy”

Pink Mexico – “Hussy Woofer”

Soda Pop Kids – “Put On Your Tight Pants”

Buzzcocks – “You Tear Me Up”

The Apollos – “That’s The Breaks”

Ash – “Day Of The Triffids”

Sex Crime – “Night Vision”

Murder City Devils – “Ready For More”

The Gories – “Real Cool Time”

Thee Oh Sees – “Penetrating Eye”

The Blind Shake – “555 fade”

Suicide – ” Dream Baby Dream”

Boys Next Door – “Boy Hero”

Aguaturbia – “E.V.O.L.”

SubRosa – “Beneath The Crown”

GataTECH – Dream State

Juan & Junior – La Caza
The Jam Live – Slow Down
Tiger Trap – Puzzle Pieces
Fuck Buttons – Brainfreeze
Creative Adult – Deep End

X-Ray Spex – The Day The World Turned Day-Glo
AJ Davila – Dura Como Piedra



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