Dancing Into The Future (‘The Prom Show’)

Tunagram 1

Tunagram 1

Dancing Into The Future (‘The Prom Show’)
(Inspired by Waiter AZ David’s recent prom photos, Tunacan Jones & Miss Rikki join me in conversations about proms.)  

After being viciously turned down by Tunacan Jones, we bask in the glow of an authentic DJ set of Prom type standards (and a few oddities for good measure).  Then we engage in a lively conversation about Tuna’s love of Bastidas!, how I have still not seen The Venture Brothers, proms, & dances.

Smile Now.

Smile Now.

We also bring you a new edition of We Have No Idea What This Sounds Like, and, of course, ramble ramble ramble ’til there ain’t nor more ramblin’ to do.



MyFacester+ Photoset


The Prom Show


Part I: “Insert Generic Prom Music Here”

01.) Dancin’ Shoes * Murder City Devils * Empty Bottles Broken Hearts
02.) You Think You’re A Man * The Vaselines * Son of a Gun EP
03.) Don’t You (Forget About Me) * Simple Minds * Original Motion Picture Soundtrack “The Breakfast Club”
04.) If You Leave * Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark * Original Motion Picture Soundtrack “Pretty In Pink”
05.) Fade Into You * Mazzy Star * So Tonight That I Might See


Part II: All Things Prom & Prom Related

06.) The Mix-Up * The Beastie Boys


Part III: Slowly Unraveling

07.) Dig!  Lazarus Dig! * Nick Case & The Bad Seeds

We Have No Idea What This Sounds Like (Selected by Tunacan Jones himself):

08.) Kaskaden * Casiokids * Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen


One thought on “Dancing Into The Future (‘The Prom Show’)

  1. OH MY GOD. Austin, I LOVED Northern Exposure, but I never watched it until it was almost over, and then I did a marathon and watched all the eps as soon as I could.



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