VideoZine#2: What’s This Called? w/ Ricardo Wang



VideoZine#2: What’s This Called? w/ Ricardo Wang
(After much agonizing and perfecting, VideoZine #2 is available for your viewing – and listening – pleasure, featuring performances by ALTO!, Soriah & Jonathan Howitt, Tres Gone, Forrest Friends, Doug Theriault, Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III, Crank Sturgeon & PCRV, Death Pact Jazz Ensemble, Sky Chance & Paco Jones!)

When I initially sat down to being work on VideoZine #2, I only had the vaguest idea as to what it would ultimately look like, and even stranger, hadn’t yet filmed a few of the gems that are included in this video.  That’s the kind of project this has become, and as VideoZine #3 begins to lurch into production, I’m excited to see where that project will wind up.

In the end, I decided to select some of the best video projects from the various artists that have appeared on What’s This Called?  As someone who has been hands-on for most of the live music that has appeared on his program, in 2011 I began filming artists that came in.  Very quickly I began to amass some excellent footage, much of which has appeared in various raw forms on the previous incarnation of our Channel.  By editing down the best moments from all this footage, I was able to offer 60 minutes of solid performances, with a few other treats thrown in here and there.

I’m really proud of the videos in this collection, and to this day, they represent some of the best moments that I’ve ever been able to commit to video.  Each performance is available as a separate video that you can link to, and the audio is best heard as loud as possible.  Not only am I very excited about these videos as they are, but these set the tone for the kinds of projects that will come coming your way soon.



Live on What’s This Called?.  Hosted by Ricardo Wang.

Camera Operators: Austin Rich, Miss Rikki, Paco Jones & Lennon.

Sound Recording & Mastering by Austin Rich.

Produced, Directed & Edited by Austin Rich.

In making this film, and lot of material had to be cut to get everything down to sixty minutes.  That being said, below are links to uncut performances by all three bands.  These links will be available until the remaining content is used elsewhere.  In the meantime: Enjoy!


VideoZine #2 Playlist

What’s This Called? w/ Ricardo Wang

Part I: Drone

01.) ALTO! * Excerpt I * 14 September 2013
02.) Soriah & Jonathan Howitt * Performance No 2 * 18 January 2014
03.) Tres Gone * Excerpt * 16 March 2013
04.) Forrest Friends * Excerpt * 23 March 2013

Part II: Noise

05.) Doug Theriault * Excerpt * 24 February 2014
06.) Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III * Excerpts * 5 November 2011
07.) Crank Sturgeon & PCRV * Excerpts * 16 April 2011
08.) Death Pact Jazz Ensemble * Excerpt * 13 April 2013

Part III: Beauty

09.) Sky Chance * Excerpt * 8 December 2012
10.) Paco Jones * Madmen And Spiders * 6 July 2013
11.) ALTO! * Excerpt II * 14 September 2013




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