ABC’s, 123’s, MeYouWe’s



ABC’s, 123’s, MeYouWe’s
(My recent efforts to alphabetize my record collection led us on a discussion of collections, and the behaviors related to them.)

Putting my new house in order – with a specific eye toward my recently assembled record collection – lead the cast of A Momentary Lapse of Reason to a rousing (and lengthy) discussion of systems and organization.  Miss Rikki & I put together a great set of Alphabet rock, and obviously, a discussion of the habits of collectors and completists comes up pretty quickly.  The Professor – regular guest on Closet Radio – is also in the studio, but usually chimes in when he’s at least 6 feet from the mic.  Miss Rikki also shows off her incredibly awesome vintage dress, complete with belt.  The Professor admits to some dangerous thinking, and questionable taste in music.



Miss Rikki's Fashion Show

Miss Rikki’s Fashion Show

ABC’s, 123’s, MeYouWe’s


Part I: Spell It Out For Me

01.) Indian Alphabet Chant (a-i-iddy-i-o-o-o) * Lucia Pamela * Into Outer Space With…
02.) L Y * Tom Lehrer * The Electric Company
03.) All Together Now * The Beatles * Yellow Submarine
04.) Alphabet Dance * Bill Horist * Lyric/Suite
05.) Spelling The Alphabet [Live] * Ornette Coleman *
06.) Phonetic Alphabet * The Conet Project *
07.) A Progress Report on an Experimental Mathematics Project Part I * Edinah Gnang *


Part II: Color Coded Life

06.) Project Perfect * PM+


Part III: Tuesday Is Always A Holiday

07.) Black Elk * Black Elk


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