Episode 133: Forever Appliances Amen

Episode 133: Forever Appliances Amen


Miss Rikki and Tunacan Jones are joined by Glados for an impromptu stand-up routine. We discuss Super Dave, Vicki the Robot, the state of female DJs, shopping habits of The Schmoopsie, Nap Time with Tunacan. Also on this episode, Tunacan helps us test out the brand new Mobile Broadcasting unit for all-new wackiness only found on Closet Radio!

I Am God Negativland
20th Century Boy T. Rex
Across The Golden Field Foxy Shazam
Phenomenator The Phenomenauts
Heartilation Andrew Jackson Jihad
Slap The Ginkels Peter Ivers
Glazened Idols Theoretical Girls
Somewhere Unoccupied Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band
No Regrets King Khan
You Can Come Over Shannon & The Clams
Wonderful Life Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Eye The Scarring Party
Totally Wired The Fall
Picture The Seizures
Ladies With Appliances Dow Jones & The Industrials
She Don’t Eat Meat Monty Love
New Age Subhumans
No Thing Katastrophy WIfe
Great Big Idol With The Golden Head The Gories
I Was On (The Bozo Show) No Bunny
History Lesson The Beepers
Come On Closer (Remix) Pineapples f/ Steve Martin
Painted Black Enamel Estocar
Down In This Hole The Builders & The Butchers
Bed On The Floor Woody Guthrie
Three Months Paid Castanets
Daisy Bell nick cave


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