NapTime with Tunacan Jones



NapTime with Tunacan Jones

Tunacan Jones understands naps and he understands what you need for your napping ears. He has a doctorate in napping, true story.

1.Sesame Street – Naptime (2:09)

2.Real Estate – Had To Hear (4:50)

3.Luna – 23 Minutes in Brussels (6:41)

4.Today is the Day – Yo La Tengo (5:32)

5.Tobin Sprout – All Used Up (1:59)

6.Jon Auer-You Used To Drive Me Around (5:52)

7.Whiskeytown – Inn Town (5:51)

8.South San Gabriel – I Feel Too Young to Die (4:59)

9.Chorine My Sheba Queen Johnson, Jim James, Jay Farrar and Anders Parker (New Multitudes) (4:33)

10.Disney Jr Nap Time Song #1 (0:24)

11.Ringo Deathstarr – Nap Time (3:42)




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