VideoZine #3: ‘an evening of experimental music and noisy rock’

VideoZine #3

VideoZine #3

VideoZine#3: ‘an evening of experimental music and noisy rock’
(In a move of George Lucas proportions, Austin Rich has remastered some of the earliest videos he made, and has created a one hour edit of the performances captured on 14 September 2014 at Slim’s in Historic St. John’s.)

While videos of these performances were released some time ago, if you were to try and watch them you would notice that I was learning to edit video while working on those edits.  That is to say: it starts poorly, and get’s better as the videos progress.  This is partly because I was learning as I was editing, and by the end I knew more about what I was doing than I ever had before.

The Original Flier

The Original Flier

While there were some things I couldn’t do, and certain kinds of improvements that were just too much to take on, I did manage to get a good hour-long presentation ready that highlights the best moments of the night, and fixes certain issues like lighting, sound-sync, and other things that were bothering me.  While by no means perfect (some problems were beyond post-production control), this is a much better document of the evening, and a nice opportunity to see the parts that I got right.



‘an evening of experimental music and noisy rock’

Live performances by Jeremy C. Long, Fiaso!, Jennifer Robin & Jacob Anderson, The Dead Air Fresheners & ALTO!

Camera Operators: Austin Rich, Miss Rikki, Tage Savage & Tunacan Jones.

Sound Recording & Mastering by Austin Rich.

Produced, Directed & Edited by Austin Rich.

In making this film, and lot of material had to be cut to get everything down to sixty minutes.  That being said, below are links to uncut performances by all the bands.  These links will be available until the remaining content is used elsewhere.  In the meantime: Enjoy!


VideoZine #3 Playlist

‘an evening of experimental music and noisy rock’

01.) Jeremy C. Long * Excerpt

02.) Fiasco!

03.) Jennifer Robin & Jacob Anderson * Excerpts

04.) The Dead Air Fresheners * Excerpts

05.) ALTO! * Excerpt



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