Journey to the Shadow World

Journey to the Shadow World

Includes phone interview with Greek Shadow Poet Leonidas Kassapides?

Piece 8 (RBTSX) Alto! Alto!
The Shadow World Sun Ra The Magic City
All Data Lost Chrome Alien Soundtracks
The Process of Enlightnenment noisepoetnobody & Vance Galloway Uranium 238
Traveling Alongside Death Tecumseh Tecumseh
Clock Museum Jam Bristol Barnstormers Bristol Barnstormers
Part 2 Willam Hooker, Christian Marclay, Lee Ranaldo Bouquet live @ Knitting Factory 4.24.99
Radio KnotPineBox You Tube
Track 6 Ron Anderson/Robert L. Pepper/David Tamura/Philippe Petit Closed Encounters of the 4 Minds (live @ BC Studio)
these days Nico Chelsea Girl
Track 10 (excerpt) Alto! Alto!


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