The Secret True History of Rock ‘n’ Roll Part I: Introduction

Look On This Ancient Artform And Dispair

Look Upon This Ancient Artform

The Secret True History of Rock ‘n’ Roll Part I: Introduction
(Miss Rikki & I discuss music old and new as we introduce a new format for our show when we’re suddenly not able to get into KPSU. )

Miss Rikki & I have been batting around the idea of doing this series for a while, and there’s at least one pilot version of this show floating around that may (or may not) see the light of day.  In the meantime, when KPSU was shut down this week, we decided to bring you the very first installment of the R Rated version of A Momentary Lapse of Reason  as we explore four songs – old and new – that absolutely belong in the official Rock and Roll Canon.

In this episode, we focus on two very early influences on the trajectory of Rock & Rock: “Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar” is a very clear boogie woogie influence that also have a big lyrical influence on what rock and roll would become.  For it’s sense of humor, we turned toward Buchanan & Goodman’s classic from 1956, “The Flying Saucer,” a song that sampled, satired, and created an entirely new genre, all in the mid 50’s.

For our recent selections, Miss Rikki waxes poetic about The Epoxies, and I do the same about Unwound.  We wrap up suddenly due to the lateness of the hour.

Hopefully we can continue this kind of show, and I would like to see more stuff like this come together as time goes on.  If you have any thoughts on this kind of format, just let me know, and we’ll gladly work toward incorporating those ideas into the show.  After all, without you, there would be no show.



The Secret True History of Rock ‘n’ Roll


Part I: Some Things Old

01.) Ringer * Moth Hunter * Dust
02.) Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar * Will Bradley Orchestra
03.) Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar [Excerpt] * The Andrews Sisters
04.) Robin Head Machine Gun * Lamborghini * Togetherness With Battlesnakes
05.) The Flying Saucer (Part 1) * Buchanan & Goodman
06.) Space Fuck * The Gordon Taylor * KPSU In-Studio Performance
07.) Zelda – Fortress Theme * The Advantage * The Advantage
08.) The Flying Saucer (Part 1) * Buchanan & Goodman
09.) Bela Bartok Excerpt

Part II: Some Things New

10.) Beat My Guest * The Epoxies
11.) Metropolis * Kraftwerk * Man-Machine
12.) Everything Looks Better On Video * The Epoxies * Stop The Future
13.) Kantina [Excerpt] * Unwound * Fake Train



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