Episode 138: What Hoots?

Episode 138: What Hoots?

Two hours in a padded room with Head Hellion, Miss Rikki.


The Elephant Never Forgets Jean-Jacques Perrey
Smash It Up Part 2 The Damned
It’s Not Worth It The Dils
All Our Good Times The Nice Boys
Acurrukame Swing Ding Amigos
Libel Tilt
Boy Can I Dance Good The Pagans
Blue Valient Katastrophy Wife f/ Carina Round
Pacific Thrash Vortex Mammoth Torta
Nothing Means Anything Anymore alley cats
High On A Wire The Black Box Revelation
Burn In Hell Die Hunns
You’ve Become A Witch The Electric Mess
Bop Pills The Cramps
Sonic Reducer The Dead Boys
It Didn’t Matter To Me Off!
The Contract Purson
LSDC Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds
I Got Nothin’ Iggy Pop & James Williamson
Hisingen Blues Graveyard
Spark Plug Mocket
Just Because I Can’t Divide Lenguas Largas
Woman’s Scorn Maow
Somewhere Apart Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians
Company Of Salt The Arrivals
Go Tell The Women Grinderman
Get Up And Fight Newtown Neurotics
What Gives? Radio Birdman
All Night Long Shady Lady
Haunt Creative Adult
She Stayed As Steam Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band


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