Episode 139: Suddenly Drops Out

Episode 139: Suddenly Drops Out

Los Peyotes – “Garage o Muerte”

Monty Love -“Gravely Mistaken”

Pegboy – “Strong Reaction”

Fetish – “Ant Farm”

Monogamy Party – “Show And Tell”

Polka Dot Slim – “It’s A Thing You Gotta Face”

Jan Davis & The Routers – “Time Funnel”

Jeremy Irons – “The Hole In The Elephants Bottom”

Ramones – “Chasing The Night”


Danielson Famile – “Nice Of Me”

The Buzzcocks – “Moving Away From The Pulsebeat”

Oingo Boingo – “Flesh ‘n Blood”

Mr. Thing & Mr. Place – “Who’s Who”

The Plimsouls – “How Long WIll It Take?”


The Riverdales – “Wanna Be Alright”

The Soviettes – “How Do You Like That?”

Lawrence Arms – “Drunken Mouth, Kitchen Smile”

Mr. T Experience – “Oh, Just Have Some Faith In Me”


Scarring Party – “Ocean Bottom”

Fountains of Wayne – “Survival Car”


The Mountain Goats – “Sometimes I Still Feel The Bruise”

Giant Sand – “The Very Last Blue Marble Girl”

Nick Cave – “The Carnival Is Over”

Bloodshot Bill – “Hangin’ Me Tonight”

Mr. Airplane Man – “Drive Me Out”

Artyard – “Something In Your Eyes”

Rilo Kiley – “Bulletproof”

Gun Club – “Give Up The Sun”

PJ Harvey – “White Chalk”

Dim Stars – “The Night Is Coming On”



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