Episode 145: Incline Of Inklings

Episode 145: Incline Of Inklings


In this Tuna-Free episode, Miss Rikki returns to her tinkering corner of the garage. Please watch your step near the daisies, and try not to tickle the taratulas.

Tank! The Seatbelts
Ma Juju Girl King Salami & The Cumberland Three
Everything Quiet Jungle
Tongue Tied Wanda Jackson
Mojo Danny & The Sessions
Got To Check You Out Patti Austin
Harlem Library Marty & The Psych Oligie Arkestra Rat Pfink Stew
A Rockin’ Good Way Brook Benton & Dinah Washington
Divine Distraction The Knockout Pills
Fears Of Gun Birthday Party
Bells On The River Crippled Black Pilgrims
Red Reflection Spindrift
Save Me Save Me Joy Unlimited
Mumbles Blues Paul Bascomb
Come On In My Kitchen Guitar Slim
Live Forever The Reservations
Knock On My Door Primates
Red Rocking Chair Lily May Ledford
That’s No Way To Get Along Robert Wilkins
I’m Going To Put A Cricket In Your Ear Jeffrey Parnell
Wild Wild Women Johnny Dollar
I Cannot Stop You Cherry Slush
Shake Your Moneymaker American Relay
That’s How It Will Be The Liberty Bell
I’m A King Bee Bad Seeds
Polka Dotted Eyes Snaps
In The Basement Etta James & Sugar Pie De Santo
Why Products Of The Morticians
Step It Up And Go Blind Boy Fuller
Wordmule Jim White
I Forgot My Number (Now I’m Telling You My Name) The Cigarettes
Fan Club The Damned
Superstar Triplefastaction


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