Episode 147: Gilgongo A Go-Go Redux

Gilgongo Records

Gilgongo Records

Episode 147: Gilgongo A Go-Go Redux


Joined by Tunacan Jones and James Fella of Gilgongo Records, we bring you an all vinyl show featuring the 45’s that James has picked up in his trip here to Portland!

Flupentixol Side A Lasse Marhaugh & Francisco Meirno
Going Down South/ Frog & Peace Lorette Velvette
Flupentixol Side B Lasse Marhaugh & Francisco Meirno
Pillow Eric’s Trip
Constant Pain/ Car Fantasy Pussy Galore
Four Hours Duster
Der Skal Drikkes/ Mere End For Gorilla Angreb
Free Arthur Lee The Make Up
Who Do You Love? Get Hustle
Je T’Aime Moi Non Plus Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg
Free Piano Merzbow & John Wiese
Hand Of My Hand Sleepmute Nightmute
Tuna Power Yoshimi
Fishage Beaters
Or What Sightings
Ring Around The Collar Chi-Pig
High Heel Sneakers The Mummies
Blackout Cross Die Monitr Bats
The Ramblr Song Shellac
Drive Me Out Mr. Airplane Man
Shape Of Jazz To Come Nation of Ulysses
Rats & Monkeys Art Bears
I’ll Take You Down Autoclave
Mutant Brain/ Treat Me Like A Jerk Kill-A-Watts
California Tuffy Geraldine Fibbers
Small Screen/ Edith Massey Lung Leg




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