September 10, 2014 – Birthday Show!

September 10, 2014 – Birthday Show!

Guitar Shop Jeff Beck (opening theme) Guitar Shop
Moment’s Comfort Steve Morse Band Split Decision
Odyssey Dixie Dregs What If
Jessica Dixie Dregs California Screamin’
Huron River Blues Steve Morse Band The Introduction
Before Time Began Deep Purple Rapture of the Deep
Prognosis Steve Morse
Mask Machine Flying Colors Second Nature
Don’t Misunderstand Me (live) Rossington Collins Band Steve Morse, guitar
Vitamin Q The Dregs Industry Standard
Sparkle Plenty T Lavitz (Steve Morse) Storytime
Bloodsucking Leeches The Dregs
When It Comes Down To It Liza Minnelli Steve Morse, guitar
On The Pipe Steve Morse Band Live at Slims Night Club
Walk On Deep Purple Banannas
Shift Travis Larson Band Shift
Grace To Wonder Travis Larson Band Shift
Last Chance Living Loud Living Loud
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat Jeff Beck (closing theme)




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