Closet Radio Episode 152: Effing The Sees

Closet Radio Episode 152: Effing The Sees


Miss Rikki brings Closet Radio to a whole new medium as we present the first episode brought to you exclusively on Blasphuphmus Radio.  It’s the same great show, but with 10 times more profanity.  Just how we love it.

Bad Brains – “Pay To Cum”
Satan’s Rats – “Punk Rock Gig”
The Sex Crimes – “Black Hole Love”
Civet – “Closet Death”
Andrew Jackson Jihad – “We Didn’t Come Here To Rock”
Cubes – “Only Trying To Help You”
Non Compos Mentis – “Ultimate Orgasm”
Murder City Devils – “I Drink The Wine”
Naked Raygun – “Blight”
Slaughter & The Dogs – “Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone?”


The Birthday Party – “Dull Day”
Soda – “Worth It?”
Moving Targets – “Squares And Circles”
Screeching Weasel – “Stab Stab Stab”
Midnight Creeps – “Toiletbowl Suicide”
Bomb The Music Industry! – “Shut Up The Punx!!!”
The Dauntless Elite – “What’s Eating Winston Smith?”
Bring Your Own Weapon – “Wrecking Ball”


Gang Green – “Alcohol”
Janitors Of Anarchy – “Butcher”
Babes In Toyland – “Sometimes”
The Fed Ups – “Talkin’ Bullshit”
TV Tramps – “Keep Your Mouth Shut”
Fluffy – “Deny Everything”
The Proletariat – “Options”
The Sex – “Sick To Death”


The Cigarettes – “Damage Your Health”
Cowboys From Outerspace – “Preaching The Blues”
Newtown Neurotics – “The Mess”
The Buzzcocks – “Why Can’t I Touch It?”
Teddy & The Frat Girls – “Alophen Baby”
The Partisans – “No Time”
The Nuns – “Gimme Danger”


Shark Pants – “Later Alligator”



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