What’s This Called?: 11 October 2014: Cleaning Out the Experimental Music Desk

The Desk On Lombard

The Desk On Lombard

What’s This Called?: 11 October 2014: Cleaning Out the Experimental Music Desk

Lost Gems Galore from the Experimental Music Desk on Lombard!

The Herald comus first utterance
Spectral Tim Hecker radio amor
Nude Disintegrating Parachute Woman budgie Bdgie
Crystal Martinez Mein Kinder Reek of Influence
Ragged Old Flag Steve Fisk 448 Deathless Days
Landscape Architecture Wires Under Tension replicant
Belly Pasiflora Women Take Back the Noise
Sailing Seasick Cabinet of Natural Curiousities Vineland
Pigmies In Zee Dark Chrome
The Crystaline Noose Squid Fist Face / Off
Magnus Harmonica Analog Tara Women Take Back the Noise
The Trinity The Family Snar-snar Orchestra Reek of Influence
Eleusis Psychic TV Dreams Less Sweet
Dirt and Meat/Muscle Sinews Ava Mendoza Women Take Back the Noise
Arnold Layne Pink Floyd




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