The Daily NewsBlas 29 October 2014: Haunted House Ambience Mix

Come Into Our Haunted House

Come Into Our Haunted House

The Daily NewsBlas 29 October 2014: Haunted House Ambience Mix

From my crypt to yours, I offer the 2014 Haunted House Ambience Mix, constructed from a variety of “Spooky Sounds” LPs from my private collection.  While today’s NewsBlas is merely a sampling, I am offering to everyone a 60 minute mix using these LPs as the basis for the mix.  This is great for playing in the background to create a spooky environment for any home, porch, or place where trick-or-treaters may arrive.

Haunted House Ambience Mix 2014 

These are records that I return to again and again, and they all seem to take the same format.  Side One is a mix of spooky sounds, culled from a variety of sound effects that are taken from a specific library.  Side Two is always those raw effects, unmixed.  What I always found interesting about this is that in a pre-digital era, having an LP for these effects is almost useless outside of radio nerds and other effects aficionados, making the audience for these kinds of records very tiny indeed.

When CDs became the format du jour, I was excited to find entire discs of these kinds of mixes done by modern mixers who could create an entire hour (or more) of material.  However, I never managed to find a CD that didn’t just loop a short mix, usually taken from one of the classic LPs.  Anyway, I have always wanted to make a good, 60 minute mix of the best Halloween Atmosphere albums.  And now, you can have one, too.

(Pssst: Also, here’s links to the vinyl rips I made of these albums.  Enjoy them while the links are up.)

CoverSounds To Make You Shiver

Side A

Side B 






ghostlysounds01Ghostly Sounds 

Side A

Side B





HauntedHouseLPFront2Haunted House

Side A

Side B





Mother Box 042


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