Closet Radio Episode 001: Rehearsal (Retrocast)

Closet Radio Episode 001: Rehearsal (Retrocast)

(Originally Broadcast: 18 October 2011 on KPSU. This show ran just under the normal length, and did not air at it’s normal time or day. This is the ur-text for what Closet Radio would become. As you can tell, it contains all the hallmark qualities listeners came to expect: Nick Cave, rare punk goodies, dancey wave-o goth, and psychedelic candy goodness. Saturday morning cartoons for adult music nerds. The occasional gaff and mixing slip not only illustrates tge live nature of the show, but offers insight into the earr nature of the program. All shades of things to come.)

The official but not really first episode of Closet Radio! Here are the links for your listening pleasure! The actual show will be on KPSU’s already awesome Saturday line-up after What’s This Called?, Blasphuphmus Radio, and Hogwash Hodgepodge and Musical Detritus. So there you have it.

This is a completely new venture for me, so while I work out the bells and whistles … well, you never know what you might hear. That alone is worth the ticket. Here’s to popping the broadcasting cherry!


Miss Rikki


01.) “E-Sa-Ya” – eX-Girl
02.) “See Her Tonight” – The Damned
03.) “Solar Hex” – Lydia Lunch
04.) “Midnight Man” – Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

05.) “Burning Heart” – The Bloody Hollies
06.) “Who Was In My Room Last Night?” – Butthole Surfers
07.) “Bored Teenagers” – The Adverts
08.) “Apollo 9” – Adam and The Ants
09.) “Bucketful” – Tandoori Knights
10.) “I Want In” – The Avengers

11.) “Insanely Jealous” – The Soft Boys

12.) “Rhinoceros” – Smashing Pumpkins
13.) “Devil Like Me” – Turn Back O Man
14.) “Give Me A Little Sign” – Hepcat
15.) “Man And A Woman” – The Cool Jerks
16.) “Total Winner” – Treasure Mammal
17.) “Spilled Milk Factory” – Ugly Casanova

18.) “Pasillo” – Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire
19.) “Ballad of Cable Hogue” – Calexico
20.) “What We Do” – DEVO
21.) “Bizarre Love Triangle” – New Order
22.) “Say What You Mean” – The Lunachicks
23.) “Octopus’ Garden” – The Beatles
24.) “May I Help You? Riff” – Wayne Campbell
25.) “Baby’s On Fire” – Brian Eno

26.) “Crackin’ Up” – RevCo
27.) “Arabian Nights” – Siouxsie And the Banshees



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