The Daily NewsBlas 20 November 2014: Estocar, LIVE VIDEO!

Estocar, In Action

Estocar, In Action

The Daily NewsBlas 20 November 2014: Estocar, LIVE VIDEO!

Blasphuphmus Radio is proud to present:

Estocar, performing LIVE at East End on 24 July 2013.  Miss Rikki was on hand to film and record the entire performance.



Continuing the theme of a show from 24 July 2013 at East End, today we present the entire live set by Estocar.  If you are, for some reason, unfamiliar with Estocar, you are missing out.  These guys are high-energy psychedelic pop with a lot of chops and an incredible sense of humor.  Estocar are a powerhouse of a band, recording and touring incessantly, and have the live chops to really get crowds dancing.  You should see them the next time they’re in town.  You will not be sorry.

Check out the time Estocar took over Closet Radio back in the day.

Also: here’s a photoset of the performance, which includes shots of La Fin Absolute Du Monde, too.

And this playlist allows you to watch both videos from this show in one, hour long presentation.


Mother Box 58



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