The Daily NewsBlas 21 November 2014: Gobstopper, LIVE VIDEO!

Gobstopper Just Keeps Rocking

Gobstopper Just Keeps Rocking

The Daily NewsBlas 21 November 2014: Gobstopper, LIVE VIDEO!

Blasphuphmus Radio is proud to present:

Gobstopper, performing LIVE on Closet Radio, 19 April 2014.  Directed by Miss Rikki & Tunacan Jones.  Edited and Engineered by Austin Rich.


Closing our week of new video releases, we bring you a playlist of songs by the incredible Gobstopper, the only Jawbreaker cover band performing in the Portland Oregon area.  They performed on Closet Radio in April, and that episode is worth checking out, and the band is chatty, and quite funny, too.  However, this playlist is just the songs, and available for your enjoyment (with remastered sound) for the first time ever.

I should point out that this is just a sampling of the songs they performed.  We are rapidly editing the footage, and are nearly done.  However, we couldn’t wait to let you see the bulk of the performance, and hope it whets your appetite enough to keep checking back for the last four songs.  But this seemed like a good way to end the week, and we hope you enjoy it.

For more A/V enjoyment, you should check out the photoset of them in action, much of which is animated as this image above is.

And this playlist allows you to watch both videos from this show in one, hour long presentation.


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