The Daily NewsBlas 25 November 2014: Broadcasting From a Tablet

The One on The Right, And The One On The Left

The One on The Right, And The One On The Left

The Daily NewsBlas 26 November 2014: Broadcasting From a Tablet

This post was entirely produced and recorded on an iPad.

The process was incredibly clunky, and as I fret and fuss over how to improve it, I will probably not recommend (or continue) recording on the iPad, as I have less control over the recording, and can’t easily drop in music and other media.

Still, the fact I was able to multi track something – anything – is something to behold.  Consider how easily this kind of recording could have been done five years ago, or ten years ago.  For trips and other out-of-town situations, this will absolutely work, and that will make me want to improve the process and look for more recording apps down the road.  But for now, this doesn’t have the ease-of-use that I would like, and therefore, may not be the best choice for podcasting.

We shall see.


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