What’s This Called? 17 December 2005 (Retrocast)

From The Days of Hand-Forged Radio

From The Days of Hand-Forged Radio

What’s This Called? 17 December 2005 (Retrocast)

As Ricardo Wang is unavailable for broadcasting purposes this week, here is a retrocast from the early days of his involvement with KPSU.  Appropriately from the month of December, this episode has all of the flavor of a WTC? broadcast in spite of the 9 years that separates now and then.  Turn this one up loud.  Enjoy.


Einsturzende Neubauten – Intermezzo/Yu-Gung (live) – Strategies Against Architechture II – Mute
Low – Don’t Understand – Secret Name – Kranky
Sepultura – Ratamahatta – Roots – Satan

Black Dice – Smiling Off – Broken Ear Record – Astralwerks
Merzbow – Chemlage Mini (excerpt) – Crash of the Titans – Merciless Core Records

Muslim Gauze – Anti Arab Media Censor – Arab Quarter – Mute
Squarepusher – I Fulcrum – Ultravisitor – Warp
Aphex Twin – Funny Little Man – Come to Daddy – Warp

Bonnie “Prince” Billie – Ease Down the Road – Summer in the Southeast – Sea Note
Green Milk from the Planet Orange – Demagog (excerpt) – City Calls Revolution – Beta-Lactam Ring
Frank Comstock – Out of This World – Project Comstock: Frank Comstock & His Orchestra Play Music from Outer Space – RCA



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