Try The Place On Lombard (VideoZine #5)

When You Want To Win An Argument, You Just...

When You Want To Win An Argument, You Just…

Try The Place On Lombard (VideoZine #5)

(A “What’s This Called?” Film)

Directed by Austin Rich

Including shorts by Ricardo Wang, Ryan A. Ray, & Lennon


You’ve tried the rest, now, with us as your guide, why not Try The Place On Lombard?

Austin Rich delivers another installment of his VideoZines.  Working closely with Ricardo Wang, not only bears the fruits of some truly unique audio performances, but from time to time these rare moments are captured on film, too.  Experimental music is rarely presented in this format – both on the radio or as music videos – and to be involved with capturing these incredible moments has been a treat that I will never tire of.

The visual record of live artists on Ricardo Wang’s “What’s This Called?” has been documented twice before, and with that in mind this collection of videos and performances attempts to combine never-before-seen footage with remastered audio, and includes videos directed by other WTC Hanger Ons, too.  The voice of the on-air ID directs a few videos, Ricardo Wang himself shares a number of videos shot “on location,” and filmmaker Ryan A. Ray gave us two performances by Divine Circles & Elisa Faires.

All in all, 16 artists are represented in this collection, which is an incredible reflection of the recent work happing on this radio program.  As we do out best to continue to offer music and films that you cannot find anywhere else, we want to thank you for being willing to Try The Place On Lombard.


Try The Place On Lombard


01.) Lennon & Abusive Delay
02.) Fischkopf Sinfoniker
03.) The Holy Filament
04.) Crank Sturgeon
05.) Four Dimensional Nightmare
06.) Overdose The Katatonic
07.) Divine Circles
08.) Elisa Faires
09.) Ilima Considine & The Sexbots
10.) Daniel Menche
11.) Negativland
12.) Tres Gone
13.) PRND
14.) Party Killer
15.) Melvins
16.) The Colour Out of Space
17.) Ricardo Wang & Abusive Delay



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