Closet Radio Episode 025: Gathering With The Goof Punx (Retrocast)

imageCloset Radio Episode 025: Gathering With The Goof Punx (Retrocast)

(Originally Broadcast on 31 March 2012 on KPSU.)

Portland’s own DIY punk band, The Taxpayers dropped into the KPSU studios to chat a bit about The Gathering of The Goofpunx which is an all ages festival happening at various venues and houses all over Portland next weekend. The gathering itself welcomes folks of any sort who just like to hang out, watch some awesome bands play and most of all HAVE FUN!

The best part is that the proceeds from this 4-day shindig goes to various non-profit and community organizations such as Portland Books to Prisoners and Porchlight/ Streetlight Youth Shelters!

Listen in as Miss Rikki gets the lowdown on all the happenings. If you want to learn even more, you can do so at the Goof Punx website Here:

The music on this episode is from a specially made mix tape courtesy of The Taxpayers and feature bands taking part in the Goofpunx celebrations!

We’d like to thank everyone involved in making this episode happen and deeply apologize for the handful of technical difficulties in the first hour.

Additional Links and Information:

Portland Show Guide

Portland Books To Prisoners

Street Light/ Porch Light Youth Shelters

Useless State Records


Gathering With The Goof Punx:

01.) “Dark Carnival of Carnage” – Insane Clown Potsie
02.) “Stadium Way” – Manhattan Murder Mystery
03.) “Forever Alone” – Big Eyes
04.) “Vampires Are Posers” – Ramshackle Glory
05.) “Howl” – Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra
06.) “We Occasionally On The Internet” – Destroy Nate Allen
07.) “Lip Service” – Zebu
08.) “Go Fetch A Priest” – The Taxpayers
09.) “Twitter” – Nun Chuksky
10.) “Street Names” – The Wild
11.) “Take The Burden” – Andrew Link
12.) “Paradise by The Dashboard Light” – Meatloaf

KPSU Playlist



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